Pumping out metal deficiencies and jobs in Alachua County

eda provided surveying and civil engineering for this innovative 11,000 square foot manufacturing operation in the City of Alachua. eda is proud to help contribute to job growth in our community. Read more from CBS4 News.

A new company called Pressure Technology Inc. aims to bring in more jobs and boost the economy in Alachua County.

“We’re looking forward to getting the facility fully operational and hiring the best in the area as well,” Pressure Technology Inc. President, David Bowles said.

Bowles says the company uses these machines to pump out deficiencies in metal. They also hope to pump out more jobs in Alachua County.

“We’ve got a plant management job, we got a prevention hire quality engineer, maintenance manager. Mike moved down from our Ohio facility, we will be hiring some maintenance next,” he said.

Bowles broke it down for CBS4 News, giving us the detailed steps of how the machine works: Pressure Technology will take metals with aerated textures similar to an Aero Bar, then they will put it through a metal machine, and after, it comes out as a solid similar to a Cadbury chocolate bar.

The company uses the machines to fix aerospace parts, biomedical devices, and even industrial parts.

“The economic impact is one that is really substantial,” President and CEO of the Greater Gainesville Chamber, Eric Godet said.

Godet says there’s an influx of businesses and suppliers moving to Florida.

“By having a manufacturer of the caliber here in our community just really sets the trend of where we are today,” he said.

Pressure Technology Inc. plans to hire ten people to start.

“Continue to offer opportunities for those who choose not you know may or may not go to college and may be looking for a great career after high school,” Godet said.