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Since: 1993
In our 30 years of service to Alachua County, eda has completed hundreds of tasks under our continuing services contract. Under this long-standing agreement, eda has provided a wide variety of surveying services, including the following; boundary surveys, topographic surveys, right-of-way surveys, benchmark establishment, construction layout surveys, quantity surveys, utility location (via ground penetrating radar equipment), control surveys, tree location surveys, mapping/platting services, establishing property corners, 3D laser scanning, preparation of legal descriptions & sketches and staking field locations & property lines.


Alachua County Forever
  • Santa Fe River – Matthews | Completed: 2022
    eda prepared a boundary survey of a 202-acre property purchased by Alachua County Forever, the County’s environmental land acquisition program. With over half a mile of frontage on the Santa Fe River this important property protects the wetland floodplain forest and key uplands on the Santa Fe River’s south bank.
  • Lake Santa Fe – Jefferson | Completed: 2021
    Prepared a boundary survey of a 293-acre property for Alachua County Forever, purchased as an addition to the County’s 982-acre Lake Alto Preserve southeast of the town of Waldo. The land includes a portion of Hickory Pond and a wetland system extending to the north and west.
  • Austin Cary – Weyerhauser, Parcel E | Completed: 2020
    eda prepared a boundary survey of a 1,250-acre property in the Newnans Lake watershed. The property, known as Parcel E, is located on the north side of State Road 26, approximately one mile west of Orange Heights. This strategic purchase by Alachua County Forever makes 11,550 acres of contiguous protected property in the headwaters of Newnans Lake.
Alachua County Public Works
  • City of Hawthorne Sanitary Sewer Problems | Year: 2018
    Responded to emergency sewer back-ups from a gravity sewer on SE 65th Lane. eda utilized Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate sewer manholes that had been paved over and provide approximate manhole depths. eda received the initial phone call at 10:30 am and delivered the report by the end of the same day.
  • Scottish Inn | Year: 2023
    Provided an ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey for the Scottish Inn property for potential acquisition by Alachua County.
  • Budget Inn | Year: 2021
    Provided supplemental topographic survey to an existing survey completed in-house by Alachua County. Horizontal & vertical datum matched Charlie Brecken’s survey. Included the location of underground utilities.
  • Alachua County Jail | Year: 2021
    Provided underground utility locations as supplemental information to be shown on a survey completed by county staff in-house. County staff was investigating sanitary and storm sewer lines which potentially have failed.
  • NW 23rd Ave | Years: 2019-2021
    Survey including horizontal and vertical control for the specific purpose of locating improvements within the NW 23rd Ave, from I-75 to NW 58th Blvd ROW. A topographic survey of the full ROW was completed including VVHs of 24 underground utility lines.
  • Parker Road & SW 24th Avenue
    Year: 2022
    Prepared a topographic survey showing spot elevations, location of fixed above ground improvements, tree locations, right-of-way lines, sanitary and storm sewer inverts, visible paint striping, and control points/elevation benchmarks.
  • Tower Road/SW 75th Street | Year: 2016
    Survey for the right-of-way of Tower Road from the northerly line of Archer Road to the northerly line of SW 8th Avenue. Prepared a topographic survey showing spot elevations, location of fixed above ground improvements, tree locations, right-of-way lines, and sanitary and storm sewer inverts.
  • County Road 241 | Year: 2019
    Topographic survey of approx. 7.5 miles of CR 241 between SR 45 to SR 26. Established horizontal and vertical control, tied into existing right-of-way monumentation & references necessary to determine the location of right-of-way lines.