City of Gainesville

Services: Civil Engineering and Surveying

Since: 2014


  • NE 15th Street Sidewalk | 2023
    This project includes the design and permitting of a new 6-foot-wide sidewalk to connect NE 16th Avenue to an existing sidewalk serving Citizens Field, the Dwight H. Hunter “Northeast” pool complex, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Multipurpose Center, for the City of Gainesville Department of Transportation.
    eda‘s work on the project included a specific purpose survey locating existing GRU gas line and an as-built survey.
  • NE 31st Avenue Trail | 2023
    eda provided topographic survey and utility location in the City right-of-way to support design of a 4,462 LF long multi-use trail located on the north side of NE 31st Avenue from NE 15th Street to NE Waldo Road. This project was designed to provide a better connection to Unity Park as part of City of Gainesville Wild Spaces & Public Places. The project also included intersection improvements. eda provided detailed topographic survey including underground utility location and measuring VVH’s and vertical heights to electric guy wires and other existing features within the area of the proposed trail. eda‘s survey provided additional utility information that was valuable during the permitting and approval process. Construction is pending.
  • Downtown Strategic Master Plan | 2023
    eda was part of the City of Gainesville’s consultant team that developed the Downtown Gainesville Strategic Master Plan, inclusive of many stakeholders including Alachua County, Santa Fe College, the Greater Gainesville Chamber, local businesses and developers and the University of Florida. eda served as the lead civil engineering and supporting planning consultant for the project team led by MKSK. eda provided services including detailed engineering analysis of existing utility systems and transportation networks of existing pedestrian paths & sidewalks, and mapping of the overall existing sidewalk infrastructure for prioritization of improvement projects.
  • Lincoln Yard Trail | 2020
    eda provided civil design for this linear park that will be constructed on the east side of the Lincoln Estates Neighborhood, spanning from SE 10th Place to SE 8th Avenue within city-owned property. A WSPP project, the park design includes a playground, a multi-use scenic path, fitness equipment, a pond, and green space. eda worked with the City of Gainesville to provide civil engineering services related to the preparation of construction plans, including proposed site grading, trail design, drainage design, and placement of fitness equipment. Stormwater system design included activations of existing basins and erosion control plans. This project is expected to be constructed in early 2024.
  • SW 5th Avenue Streetscape Project | 2015
    eda provided civil engineering services to the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Association for the design, permitting and construction of a pedestrian streetscape spanning from SW 6th Street to South Main Street along a portion of SW 5th Avenue in the historic Porters community. This neighborhood thoroughfare connects the community to several nearby amenities including Depot Park, Lynch Park, the Innovation District, the 6th Street Rail Trail and the University of Florida. This well-traveled corridor had a lack of pedestrian amenities, making it difficult to safely traverse. Improvements included a sidewalk, signage, and ADA improvements to intersections along SW 5th Avenue. The project involved significant community input including multiple workshops.